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3R S60 GT

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CVJ Axles brings to our customers our driveline expertise and exceptional customer service since 1986. We offer cv axles, power steering racks, driveshafts, and smog pumps for your daily commuter or custom creation.

We remanufacture OEM parts; design and build parts for your driveline; racing and off-road cv axles, power steering racks, and driveshafts and enjoy "one-offs".

Whether you are looking for a steering solution for a 1934 Ford, a Accord cv axle or rack, a 4Runner rock-crawler cv axle, a Cup-car driveline design and build, or need professional tech support; give CVJ a call.

Faster SPLINES, shafts and CNC lathe parts;
on our Upgraded Equipment.

CVJ offers the best selection of high quality remanufactured:


MBAxle Custom Racing

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